TRHayesMy research combines eye tracking, individual differences, pupillometry, and machine learning to understand mechanisms of visual cognition.  My recent work has applied these techniques to study individual differences in attentional control during relational reasoning and scene viewing.

I completed my MA and PhD at Ohio State University working with Alexander Petrov.  My Master’s thesis introduced a new technique for analysing sequential eye movement scan patterns (Successor Representation Scanpath Analysis, SRSA). My PhD thesis investigated how individual differences in attentional control and neuromodulatory function contribute to individual differences in fluid intelligence.

I am currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Mind and Brain (UC Davis) working with John Henderson and Prem Devanbu.  I am investigating the roles of scene semantics and individual differences during active scene viewing (John Henderson) and how people read code (Prem Devanbu and John Henderson).